Thursday, 29 September 2011

Polymer Poptart

So I decided to try my own thing this time. With the dango and the bowl, I was following a tutorial. This time I winged it and made a Poptart. The results were not quite what I hoped, but I wanted to try a bunch of different things, like texturing, applying pastel, using liquid clay and inclusions. So I think I accomplished at least that much! What I didn't accomplish was taking pictures of my progress. ( -___-)

I did, however, take a second shot at making a bowl, using a marble-like combination of metallic gold and white. It turned out much better, but needs some sanding and buffing!

To make the pastry color, which on a regular poptart is a fleshy tan color, I mixed some Caramel Fimo with White and then rolled it out.

I think I scrapped the pastry three or four times before I got something I thought was worth brushing with chalk pastels. I used small amounts of yellow, orange and a touch of brown. I tried the brown first and realized it was too dark, but it wasn't really noticeable after baking.

I also made some sprinkle 'canes' using small amounts of Cherry Red with Translucent and rolling it into a long thin snake, baking it and chopping it into little bits. I repeated the process using Tropical Green. And then I mixed the sprinkles into a TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) and Fimo mixture, which I then applied to the pasty. I put that in the oven for a few minutes while I mixed some red chalk pastel with a little bit of Liquid Fimo, for the filling. It didn't turn out QUITE as filling-like as I'd hoped but it looks good regardless!

And this is when I realized I had made the bite mark on the wrong side! CURSES!

Oh well.


  1. Wrong side? What do you mean? It looks great to me.

  2. It should be on the right corner, instead of the left. Tis a bit awkward for my Pukifees to hold. ^__^

  3. Very nice! It looks real to me! :D