Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Every Quest Has A Beginning... Here's Mine. - Introduction

Now first and foremost, I feel must lay the majority of the blame for this entire expedition on my very good friend, Naomi. See, it was Nao who first linked me to a tutorial to create Polymer Clay 'cake' charms, early one morning after I had gotten home from work. Specifically, this one on DeviantArt; Polymer Clay Cake Tutorial by the extremely talented Talty.

I collect Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (or BJD, colloquially) and for quite a while I've wanted to get my dolls some in-scale miniatures for them. Like toys, books...

And food! I've been fascinated by the works of Snowfern Clover since she first appeared on the BJD Forum, Den of Angels. (Possibly before that. My memory isn't all that great sometimes.) Stalking her on Etsy has also introduced me to other miniaturists like AiClay and Asuka Sakumo. Their work is just... epic. I've wanted to try and make my own miniature food for quite awhile now but in addition to the fact that neither of the local craft stores carries polymer clay, I'm kinda... intimidated (and inspired!) by just how GOOD these people are at this.

But they've had loads of practice. And I've had none.

So it's mostly Naomi's fault that I am trying to do this in the first place, because she's the one who linked that tutorial and got me thinking about it more seriously than I had before. Which led into ideas about what I could make, followed shortly thereafter by placing a small order for some Fimo. And then a quick trip out of town to a craft store that DOES carry polymer clay, as well as tools and other equipment for my modest little venture. (I was getting impatient for my order to arrive, and of course it arrived the day of my trip! The day AFTER I got the tracking number. X_x)

I've got most of what I believe I need to set off on this quest, at the outset anyway.

I'm only a level 1 newbie, but hopefully I'll start racking up the EXP!

-- Saryn

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