Saturday, 17 September 2011


Yesterday was an 'off' day for clay, but today I decided to try making Dango, following this tutorial. It's quick and easy, but didn't turn out quite the way I expected.

I took pictures, but none of them turned out. I have a feeling that if I'm going to be working in my room a lot I'll have to either change my bulbs to something a bit less yellow (been meaning to do this for awhile, actually) or get a desk lamp of some kind.

This was pre-glossing. The green turned out quite nice, though I may use a slightly darker color next time. Definitely going darker with the pink, too. I used SculpeyIII's Apple Green and Ballerina, with Primo for the Translucent. It took a bit of work to condition, and kept losing it's pliability when I switched to rolling/blending another ball. The 'white' balls (top) are not the color I thought they would be when baked. I was definitely expecting something less fleshtone. I will probably use Fimo's Translucent White next time.

The construction of the Dango was easy. Put round balls on stick. I'll have to work on being able to keep round clay actually round. I put a eyepin through because if they'd turned out well enough I was going to give them to my friend Michelle. But they didn't, so I decided to test my glazes.

 Left: Gloss ------------ Right: Satin

There isn't much visible difference between the two, but texture-wise the Gloss is definitely smoother.

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