Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Second Verse, Same As The First

First of all; I HAVE FOLLOWERS! *dorkface* Yay, I am luved!

Secondly; since it's my day off I decided to make a second attempt at the Dango and it went pretty well! Except I forgot to adjust the temperature of the toaster oven for the Fimo (which bakes at a lower temp.) which resulted in tiny cracks through my Dango. Sadface.

This time I nailed the colors. They actually look like the proper shades for Dango. The pink might be a little bright but, personally, I like it.

I made smaller ones this time, though I'm still not really working in an intentional scale size. They seem about right for Pukifees. I probably should've made the sticks bigger. They poke into the green, rather than run through all three colors. Might affect their structural integrity, but so far it's doing fine!

I'm not really sure what to do with them now. I could probably put some headpins (at least I think that's what the ones with the screws are called) in and turn them into earrings. I definitely want to keep two for my Pukifees, but I also want to make a not-cracked batch...


  1. I feel inspired to make some dango and bowls now. :P

  2. They're quite easy. I think I'm going to make some larger bowls and try plates next.

  3. hello~! omnomnom! they're really cute looking, and do suit the cheeky nature of some of the pukipukis i adore :P nice work! Thanks also for stopping by my blog, you made me blush :3

  4. They look so damn tasty. Do you bake them on the sticks/skewers and how does the wood not burn? *boggles*

  5. Yup. I use toothpicks. For my first attempt I put the toothpick through all three colors, but for this attempt I just cut off about 4mm and stuck it in the green.

    Polymer Clay bakes at relatively low temperatures (230 for Fimo, 275 for Premo) so the wood shouldn't burn. But I kept an eye on it anyway. ^_^

  6. Oh I see, I'm always so paranoid about putting things in the oven. Well you know, odd things with my fimo, I'm not a total disaster in the kitchen ;) I think...