Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Well at long last I finally have myself a shiny, new clay roller! I haven't used it yet, since I only just got it today. I meant to, but... well... I couldn't figure out what to make so I spent most of the night looking up tutorials and other inspiration.

I also picked up some air-dry clay. Unfortunately I didn't research air-dry clay at all beforehand, and didn't realize that not all air-dry clays are created equal. It was something of an impulse buy, anyway, since I know Snowfern works with air-dry clay. I'm betting she uses resin clay, though. Instead of paperclay, like I bought.

Anyway. I followed another simple tutorial to make some cute puddings using Delight air-dry clay.

The results were... mixed. I didn't let the clay dry completely before I put the pudding-sauce on top, nor did I wait until it was completely dry to gloss it. But I learned that the clay takes acrylic paint really well, both mixed into it and painted on. One of the puddings turned out better than the other...