Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Silicone Mold (Part 1)

Since I don't really have the space set up to do normal clay work, I figured I'd finally break out the silicone mold for it's first test run. This was the stuff I from my long-awaited clay order. There is no brand on the containers, and only the simplest of instructions. I'm not sure if this is normal or not.

Between the plate and the pop tart, I went with the latter for my first test, though in hindsight I probably should've used the blank base I made expressly for this purpose. Oh well. I needed something that, on the off chance things went sideways, I wouldn't mind throwing out.

Note to self: stop using P&S camera. The silicone comes in two parts which set up when mixed together. The substance has an oddly oily texture, and no discernible scent. Reminds me of the goo jars I used to buy as a kid. I mixed the two together as instructed, but with 'oily' fingers, wasn't about to touch my camera.

I popped my object into the goo, and went off to work on this post.

Yay for iPhone camera! I probably should've used a bit more silicone, or not pushed down so hard since it wound up being a bit thin. :\

I think I'm gonna stop by the local Michaels and see what they have for molding material, just for comparison's sake, but my next blog post will be Part 2, where I actually use clay in the mold! GASP!

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