Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

You would think I have that song stuck in my head right now, but you'd be wrong. Instead I've got Shots by LMFAO stuck in there, because my Canucks rocked it in Rogers Arena tonight. Puts me in such a good mood!

But you can't ignore the fact that Christmas is approaching! Some places even have snow! (But not Vancouver, which is fine with me!) Normally my Mom would've started her Christmas baking by now. Since I'm no longer living at home, I decided I needed to do some Christmas baking of my own.

Sugar cookies have to be my all-time favorite cookie. When made properly they practically melt on the tongue. And you can put all sorts of decorations on top, like icing and mini ball bearings.

I followed another tutorial, this one from DeviantArt. In the picture above you can see my new (and overpriced) Sculpey mat that I bought from Michaels the other day. Thus far it seems to be worth the cost, and it's nice to have a little spot beside me to work from. These were cut out using some mini-sized clay cutters. I found it much easier to apply the pastel to the cookies while they were resting on the blade.

I mixed brown, yellow and orange pastel to get the brown color, but next time I'll add a little white to lighten it up. The cookies look burnt! But no less tasty.

My Fairyland Littlefee Leah agrees!

A picture showing scale was requested. I think these would be best for Littlefee/YOSD or Minifee/MSD sized dolls, but what Pukifee doesn't love a giant cookie?

With my clay station set up beside my desk, it should be easier for me to work on projects on a more regular basis. I actually worked on the sugar cookies with a small audience in the Minifee TinyChat. I'll probably do this more often, and if people are interested enough in watching maybe I'll set a specific day or time to work.

<3 Saryn


  1. YOu've gotten so goot at the texturing already! *_*

  2. <3 I just attacked it's cookie face with my texturing toothbrush of doom!

    It's purple and quite useful.

  3. it's been fun watching you work the past few days! you definitely need to do it more often! ;)